New wedding trends 2016: The denims

A conventional and as universal as the denim has a place among silks, lace or tulle? 
denim wedding ideas 
 Much has happened since 1853 in Levi Strauss a merchant who lives in San Francisco, decided to use the canvas which tents were made ​​for rugged and durable clothing for miners. From there to become the object of worship, or denim jeans have undergone a huge transformation that has led to this tissue to gain a foothold also in bodas.
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 En 70s, jeans or jeans became popular to the point that the fashion industry took note and the most prestigious designers opted for denim in their couture collections and ready-to-wear. And only last a couple of years, Dolce & Gabbana created a collection inspired country, called "Blue Jean Bride" , for brides who decantasen for the southern or urban style on your big day.
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 In it you could see clothes, especially skirts with ruffles, made ​​of fabrics like chiffon or silk, combined with tops and shirts in denim and cowboy boots. You get the picture, right? A few months ago, also spoke I in an event of weddings I attended, called " Urban Weddings ", the use of denim in some designs Inmaculada García. Thus, the denim has I delved slowly in the bridal world, whether in the outfit bride, groom, bridesmaids or, more recently, the wedding decorations with tablecloths, napkins, boutonnieres or all the elements to give a rustic chic touch.
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Now, do you you bet to use this fabric in your wedding day? Would you dare to enter it into your bridal dress or you use it in decorative themes? For my part I mention the idea fascinates me. Moreover, I think that you may become one of the most important trends for the coming year, along with urban weddings or minimalism. We'll see if my predictions are true!

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